Monday, November 15, 2010

Comics Are Awesome: Starman

Sorry for the delay on this one folks. Hopefully next one will be out sooner.

Please let me know what you think!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Comics Culture

We here at Comics Are Awesome (all one of me) can only produce so much brillant content only so fast. That is to say, I'm terribly lazy.

So today, oh faithful readers, I shall start a new written segment I am calling "Comics Culture" because, if you haven't guessed yet, titles are really hard for me. Also because "Comics Are Awesome" isn't just purely about comic books, but all aspects and permutations like films, video games, shirts and even the very culture of comic fans.

So today I want to celebrate one of the men responsible for me starting this website: Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara. Linkara is one of the producers for That Guy With the Glasses , as well as his own blog, Atop the Fourth Wall. And I would almost certainly not be producing my own videos if not for him.

Linkara in many ways is the ying to my yang. The Coke to my Pepsi. The DC to my Marvel. The Superman to my Lex. The clever bòn mót to my overdone, too-long analogy... Err moving along.

Atop the Fourth Wall is, like my own CAA, a video review series for comics. But where I come to celebrate the comics that deserve the praise, Linkara instead takes up arms against those comics that deserve the pain. Linkara seeks out the worst comics has to offer and roasts them until you can make S'Mores by holding up a your marshmallow up your computer screen.

Whether you're new to comics or an established (read: "old") fanboy like myself AT4W is funny and smart, but despite the lambasting, you can also tell Lewis' passion for the hobby come through. This isn't someone who mocks comics because he hates them, but because he loves them.

So go, while you all wait patiently for the third CAA review, and check out some of his stuff. Just please come back when you see how much better he is at this than I am.