Sunday, June 19, 2011

From The Pages - Justice League of America (1997)

A new series from yours truly.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The DC Reboot.

So I just recorded a vlog about the DC Universe reboot, sat down to upload the video onto my PC and... saw more news about the reboot. And everytime I decide to tackle a blog entry I come across more news about it all, much of which is frustrating to me.

I was originally pretty laissez-faire towards the whole thing. DC has done this sort of thing before. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis to a lesser extent. DC has messed with its own timeline and continuity whenever it saw fit. And the occasional shakeup is not a bad thing. I like continuity, I like it when they reference it, it seems like a reward to fans and I think it's less of a barrier to new fans as some make it out to be. That said, this kind of sucks.

As more news leaks, the less this seems as a shakeup, and more as DC giving the loyal fans the bird. Great titles like Batgirl by Bryan Q. Miller being replaced with the return of Barbara Gordon to the role, written by Gail Simone. Now I like Gail. She's a fantastic writer and seems like one of the nicest people in comics, but I have no desire to see Barbara become Batgirl again. She's far more interesting as Oracle, the wheelchair-bound computer goddess to the superhero community. Also Miller has state that he's not been asked to write any of the 52 new titles coming out this September. The man is a fantastic writer and I fully intend to do a Stephanie Brown Batgirl CAA at some point. DC, if you're not taking advantage of him then you're wasting his potential.

I dunno. this coupled with 52 titles flooding the market place seems like an invitation for retailers to either not carry certain titles or carrying less of each meaning that if you go to your local store and they didn't order any copies of Mr. Terrific or sold out of JLA than you have to go somewhere else. Luckily DC is offering same-day digital delivery. Now I'm all for digital distribution, those of you who saw my Digital Comics editorial will know that, but the cynical side of me sees DC taking out the knees of the retail market, and I think if they're not careful, taking out the brick and mortar stores before the digital readership is firmly established might do serious damage to the industry.

I dunno folks. This might work. There are some books I'm curious to see and maybe DC has some further surprises for us in store, but either way I think we've hit a pivotal point in comic book history, one that will alter the playing field forever.