Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From The Pages - Generation X


  1. Excellent coverage of this awful film. I fully believe that there was more you could have touched on. I haven't watched it since 2011 when I did my own review and I have absolutely no desire to watch it ever again.

    I do wonder if they had been given a series, if they could have greatly improved on the concept, bringing in more of those good little touches and less of the fart jokes, and the stalking, and the mind rape, etc. Who knows, maybe if the SHIELD show ends up working we could eventually see some kind of young mutants show.

    1. This was a film that the more I watched it the more I found whole new reasons to hate it. This continued into the writing, the recording and into the editing of the video. If anything I think I'm a little soft on it in the review.

      I doubt if this had been picked up for series that this would have been good, but like I say, I do think most of the actors weren't terrible, just not given much to work with. And it seems really weird that we haven't seen an official X-Men related live-action tv show. We've seen shows with similar concepts like Heroes & Alphas but it seems like if you could slap some Xs on either of those and you could have increased the audience of those by a noteworthy margin.